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He'd joined "The Wagonmasters" on January 27, 1957.

On February 5, 1959 Billy played bass on the recording session which produced "If Heartache is the Fashion" , and "Home".

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Billy is still active in music and very popular with rockabilly fans and regulary performs in shows in Europe.

Today is Good Friday, we remember that the Lord died on Good Friday in order to resurrect on the third day, Easter Sunday. Several Jim Reeves fans enquiered if the "Jimmy Dean Show" episode with Jim Reeves could be purchased on DVD.One title is "The missing Link", in his own words: "The early trouble I went through to write "Mexican Joe" and eventually how it got to Jim, not in any books because I lived it..", and a book on "Fabor Robinson and how he made Jim and disrupted the entire city music industry..." Mitchell didnt mention a publication date yet.In the 1970s John Rex performed quite a few times in Great Britain and even had a fan club, run by Mrs. Unfortunately for his British fans, John Rex has not performed in Great Britain for many years.We have posted three surveys from February 1960 when 'HE'LL HAVE TO GO' was being listed in the US pop and country charts.Extra Gold is the only radio station who constantly promotes the music of Jim Reeves across a number of programmes tune in for all the best hits on Extra Gold: can also hear Gentleman Jim Reeves every Friday night for a full hour from 22.00 on Radio Extra Gold.

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