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Here’s a comment from Richard Jeffrey Newman at Alas: I confess that, as a man whom I imagine most people would probably define as normative — at least according to the criteria Clarisse has been using in her series — I have trouble with the premise of this question. Do I think feminist discourse is always accurate in the way it speaks about men?I have never found feminist discourses around gender and sexuality closed to me. No, but that is not the same thing as saying it is closed to me. Daran at Feminist Critics accused me of hypocrisy, saying that some of my statements show that I’m not “really” interested in finding new perspectives or making space for them in feminism.

And it may be that if we want to get the ball rolling on widespread discussion of masculinity, we aren’t going to be able to do that without softening feminist edges and feminist slants on the discussion spaces.And yet I think that I did succeed at the goal of “sounding feminist”: even though one commenter at Alas said, I honestly feel this post should not be in a feminist space at all.You can’t say you don’t want to be an “MRA asshole” and then just dole out their erroneous, misogynist talking-points, it’s worth noting that Ampersand — who runs Alas and made the decision to cross-post my stuff — stated: Part of the reason I wanted to guest-post this series is because Clarisse entirely lacks that anti-feminist vibe — not just because she’s a woman (there are female MRAs and anti-feminists), but because her tone rings as genuinely feminist, at least to this reader.So what comes clear from that correction is that, yeah — if we want to boil this down to the Oppression Olympics, I do think women have it worse than men and that America is still more centered around and gives more aggregate power to men.But the whole point of those posts was to evade the Oppression Olympics! I’m not going to address all the criticisms raised about my posts (and me), especially not the ones that are: (a) fairly obvious misreadings (or extremely uncharitable readings) of what I said or even outright misquotes, or (b) questions that I answered at another point over the course of the 3-post essay, or (c) statements that “argh women derive some unfair benefits from the gender binary too!

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