White men looking black women dating sites

Those in high demand can afford to be pickiest and those in low demand may feel pressured to relax their standards or risk not being chosen (and sometimes staying single is a sweeter option). Since online dating sites have become so widely used we can see how people really choose potential partners versus how they say they do.The OK Cupid blog, user data from their dating website is analyzed in fascinating ways.The opposite gender difference was true for Asians.Twice as many Asian female newlyweds out-married as Asian men.Steve Sailor found that the interracial gender gap was even sharper for cohabiting black couples.

Black women strongly preferred black men but the black men didn't reciprocate their level of interest to nearly the same degree.

Even though the OK Cupid results reflect the behavior of over a million online daters, each dating site draws somewhat different demographics.

OK Cupid has a reputation for attracting a young, nerdy-cool, highly educated crowd. In a Yahoo personals study done at UC Irvine, 91% of members claimed to have no race preference for their matches but white men who dated interracially selected Asian and Latino dating partners significantly more often than black women and Asian men were the least preferred matches for white women. In a speed dating study using Columbia University grad students, white, black and Hispanic women were all far more likely to say no to Asian men than all other men.

piece in which I supported openness to interracial partners.

She said: Wow, not only is she waaaaaaay off, but her comment reminded me of the darts that are also aimed at Asian men when they wonder if they’re being sidelined in love.

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