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But it wasn’t until they were 21-years-old that they had their first sexual encounter with another married couple called Amy* and Phil*.

During alcohol-fuelled night, Angie and J began playing strip poker with them and that soon led to them "playing" with Amy and Phil.

Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe our experiences we’ve shared together since we started swinging.” The couple host a podcast called "The Average Swingers" in which they discuss the struggles they faced whilst opening their marriage and "coming out" as a couple that swaps.

“But our daughter can see how much happier we are than most husband and wives.

The parents-of-two have sex with other people - both men and women - attend swingers events and even do wife swaps.

Angie and Jonch (known as J), both from Texas, say swinging strengthened their twenty-five-year long marriage and is one of the reasons for their happiness.

“We all got naked and starting daring each other to do sexual things with the other couple.

Before we knew it, the four of us were in the bedroom together” But the incident became overwhelming for Angie who began crying and J decided to stop things going any further with Amy and Phil.

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