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"Simon slapped me in the face hard and said, 'Stop eating the pizza! Dallow posed for this pic with Garner for The Diary re-enacting the fisticuffs, but he wanted to avoid any suggestion he was up for another round. "I've had an open invite to Simon for the last nine years to hop in the ring after his election-night face slap went wrong. A last-minute publicity push on social media using local celebs to plug the .95 rate would have helped drive up subscriptions, no doubt.

Nonetheless, there was an impressive celebrity turnout on the night, with politicians, sports stars, broadcasters and TV darlings dressed in their glad rags.

But Dallow wasn't so coy in 2005 when the pair were at Ellerslie Racecourse covering the general election. I smacked him back between the eyes four times as hard," Garner, 40, recalled.

He slapped his media rival across the face over eating all the food he was eating. The gentleman of New Zealand media remorsefully remembered too. I wouldn't take on Duncan." Garner is up for the challenge. I'm merely a little guy on the sidelines with a low-level grudge." Big turnout for Parker Joseph Parker's heavyweight fight at Henderson's Trusts Arena on Thursday drew a considerably smaller crowd than past boxing events, perhaps illustrating the lack of corporate marketing dollars to purchase tables, and Duco's preference to drive pay-per-view purchases with Sky TV.

Beebe in A Room with a View, a role which was meant to be supporting but ended up driving much of the action in the film.

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"C'mon mate, I've been asking you for years to get in the ring with me," Garner goaded. You'll be fighting an old man," 50-year-old Dallow demurred.He later wrote of having "discovered Mozart quite early: the operas, the symphonies, the concertos, the wind serenades were all very much part of my musical landscape when I was asked to play the part of the composer in Peter Shaffer's Amadeus; possibly this was one of the reasons I got the job." He made his first film appearance, as Schikaneder, in Amadeus in 1984 (having played Mozart in the original stage production).The following year, he appeared as the Reverend Mr.Callow was educated at the London Oratory School and then went on to study at Queen's University Belfast ('Queen's') in Northern Ireland where he was active in the Northern Ireland civil-rights movement, before giving up his degree course to go into acting at the Drama Centre London.Callow's immersion in the theatre began after he wrote a fan letter to Sir Laurence Olivier, the Artistic Director of the National Theatre, and received a response suggesting he join their box office staff.

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