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HTML/Javascript GUIs 10.1 An HTML Crash Course 10.2 HTML Forms - Basic GUI Widgets 10.3 Using HTML Form Data 10.4 Dynamically Creating GUI Layouts 10.5 Some More Essential HTML Tags 10.6 Responding to Links, Back Buttons, and Errors 10.7 Recipe Database #2 - A Little GUI Data Storage and Retrievel App 11. Other Scripts 22.1 Number Verbalizer 22.2 Bingo 22.3 Voice Alarms 23.

Graphics 11.1 Screen Setup 11.2 Drawing Shapes 11.3 Modifying Position and other Properties 11.4 Rendering Changes 11.5 Looping Graphic Modifications 11.6 Closing the Graphic Screen 11.7 An Animated Rectangle 11.8 Setting Orientation 11.9 Text on the Graphics Screen 11.10 Loading Images 11.11 Switching Between Graphics and Text Console Screens 11.12 Touch 11.13 A Simple Sliding Puzzle Game 11.14 Adding More Features to the Sliding Puzzle Game 11.15 Scaling Graphics to Fit Different Screen Resolutions 12. Feedback If you're new to Basic or even to programming in general, don't fret.

If you have any trouble, you can download the code above from If you have any trouble with the example, you can download and run the completed code from As you can see, useful RFO Basic programs can be very short and simple to create.

There are a number of interesting example programs created by community members at

You can get to know a lot about RFO basic just by exploring the downloadable code in those apps.

SQLite databases should be put in the "/sdcard/rfo-basic/databases" folder.

Transferrting Data Via Network Sockets 14.1 Ports 14.2 Servers and Clients 14.3 Blocking and Non-Blocking Loops 14.4 Port Forwarding and VPNs 14.5 Walkie Talkie (VOIP) 14.6 Desktop File Transfer 15. This tutorial will provide enough fundamental understanding, working code examples, and case studies to get you creating apps of all types, completely on your own.

The RFO Basic interpreter is an app (software program) that runs on your Android device.

Loops and Structured Data 8.1 While/Repeat and Do/Until 8.2 Looping Through Lists of Data: FOR 8.3 Choosing Items From Lists - The "Select" Function 8.4 Selecting Records From Structured Lists Data 8.5 Saving Lists of Structured Data to a Storage Medium - Serialization 8.6 Sending Serialized Data to a Web Server 8.7 Sharing data between different programming languages and environments 8.8 Using the Select Function to Create Menus 9.

COMPLETE EXAMPLE APPS - Learning How All The Pieces Fit Together 9.1 Math Test 9.2 Text Editor App 9.3 Web Page Editor 9.4 Internet Chat Room 9.5 Blogger 9.6 Recipe Database 10. REAL WORLD CASE STUDIES - Learning To Think In Code 21.1 A Generalized Approach Using Outlines and Pseudo Code 21.2 Case 1 - Scheduling Teachers 21.3 Case 2 - Days Between Two Dates Calculator 21.4 Case 3 - Simple Search 21.5 Case 4 - A Calculator 21.6 Case 5 - Backup Music Generator ("Jam Tool") 21.7 Case 6 - FTP Tool 21.8 Case 7 - Jeopardy 21.9 Case 8 - Tetris 21.10 Case 9 - Media Player 21.11 Case 10 - Web Site Spidering App 22.

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