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It got turned into this scene called Closet Coochie, I guess these guys weren’t too bent out of shape about getting taped getting sucked and fucked by two hot horny college girls am I right? If you’re down for a party that’s part sexy and part creepy, this Dare Dorm update is for you!It’s a party where instead of real masks everyone has a paper plate face on…that takes care of the creepy part but what’s that you ask, where’s the sexy part?Feels like a fashion show with so many attractive girls in shorts walking around the voyeur and one would think that it can't get any better. Out of all the rave girls on their way to the party, voyeur found himself directly behind the sexiest one in tight little shorts and she bent over to fix her sneaker, right in front of the camera.You'll see her lovely cameltoe and pussy bulge in cotton shorts, from point blank range. In this day and age there are cameras everywhere…the little ones you can strap to your head or wherever are cheap enough now for most people to have one so these college kids got together and decided to have what they called a Pro Party!It’s a play on a brand name of camera, you see…anyway, they all got together in a friend’s dorm and started partying hard, ending up naked in an all out orgy as these horny college chicks show off those big tits and sexy asses and get fucked all over the room!The name of the update is Stick It To Me and man these must be teh hottest sluts on campus! These college girls love throwing all kinds of crazy parties in their dorm room so you knew it was only a matter of time before someone had the idea to make it a pool party…how can you go wrong with gorgeous college coeds in bikinis getting wet and having drinks!Things go very very right with this party as the girls get more and more turned on, making out with each other and then sucking and fucking the lucky dudes in attendance turning this Dare Dorm pool party submission into an all out dormroo morgy with water splashing everywhere!

These hotties get naked and play around and of course start making out with each other as college girls are wont to do, and some of em even start sucking and fucking the guys who were invited along.This time around we’ve got a submissino from a bunch of sorority girls who threw a Foam Party getting all sudsy and horny as they drank and danced around, and of course when they got all wet the clothes came off and soon they were making out and eating pussy and getting fucked by their boyfriends in attendance! These college girls have their green on but soon they don’t have anything on at all and are shaking those perky sexy titties around like it aint no thing!I wouldn’t want to have to clean out the room after this party finished up but it certainly made for one red hot Dare Dorm submission, it’s hot as hell seeing these chicks dancing around naked with soap dripping off their perky boobies and sexy pert butts as they partied the night away! So from what I’ve seen these college kids will party down like crazy about pretty much anything…it’s the third Thursday of the month? The girls got lesbian and started licking each others cute little snatches, munching cooch left right and center while one of the chicks had her boyfriend pound her slit right there in front of everyone.Well my friend that happens because these sexy college girls are taking the opportunity of anonymity to get naked and get fucked with abandon!At some points they lose their masks so you can see how hot they actually are, they’re not anonymous anymore but hey at that point they’re already naked and sucking cock and getting fucked so who even cares…it’s a sexy dorm room orgy that they recorded and submitted to Dare Dorm, this is the kind of party you probably never got invited to at college am I right! You’ve seen, I’m sure, when hot horny college girls get all gussied up for Halloween in sexy costumes, flashing and teasing a little…but have you ever seen them in a private dorm room party getting each other naked and partying all night long, making out and eating pussy like lesbians?

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