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For her the women's movement rescued her from an isolation that began as a child when she realized she was attracted to girls and culminated when her strong feelings for women finally made her realize she had to get a divorce.Ellen revels in her relationship with Dolores, and as an activist fights to ensure that older gays and lesbians are not forced back into the closet in nursing homes and senior centers.Even the two churchgoing African American great grandmothers, Juanita and Elaine, featured in the film are redefining themselves as they age.STILL DOING IT follows the lives of these nine extraordinary older women as well as this society's complex relationship to aging with surprising and revelatory results.Age differences in relationships are no longer important as long as two people find something in common.

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Aware that many people see her as "nothing but an old woman," she is defiant in living life on her own terms.

Betty's life (and her humor) stand not only in defiance of the sexual compliance expected of women, but as a reminder that what is really happening is often far more interesting than the limited scenarios the media create.

We also follow lesbian partners Ellen and Dolores who met each other in their 60’s.

They are pioneers in resisting the restrictions of an ageist culture and role models to women of the baby boom generation. S., where women over 65 is the fastest-growing demographic, plastic surgery and youth enhancing beauty products are big business.

But rather than trying to turn back the clock, these women insist on celebrating their age and experience.

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