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The globalist divide and conquer strategy is upon us! Study’s now show Medical Malpractice Deaths has reached over 400,000 per year , which is 500 Times Higher than Accidental Gun Deaths in the US. England now telling citizens to narc out people even for bad tweets.

Monsanto/Bayer could now be facing over 8000 lawsuits after the landmark ruling. Senator explains how the three branches of government are supposed to work.

But who is really funding, feeding and supporting this horde of migrants from Honduras and how are they traveling so fast across on a 1600 mile journey? Friends this is a repeat of false accusations like we saw against Judge Moore. More studies show evidence that coconut oil can be beneficial to individuals with Alzheimer’s. Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz releases a disturbing video of the ever enlarging 4,000 migrant caravan from Honduras being handed fistfuls of dollars to get in line and join the march towards the US border. : Discussion on our fresh batch of Toby’s Beef snacks (Biltong) and what makes them so healthy, pure and also why it taste so great. Why are the ACT scores for 2018 the lowest they have been since 2004? Lana (Austin’s wife) had her first experience with a pediatrician who told her he will no longer see her for future checkups because Lana refuses to inject toxic compounds in her children via vaccines.

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