Plump woman dating site

He cited an incident in his house where he disagreed with the partner on the color of their sugar dish.In view of the above findings, the research concluded that men who marry plus-size women tend to be happier in relationships for longer than those who date slim women.Now we could dwell on the fact that these various winners are not gym-sculpted Adonnises themselves, but instead I want to focus on the positive and work on people’s lives instead of trying to stroke the hate-boner.

Now that we got that way-too-technical disclaimer out of the way...Editor’s note: this article does not aim to undermine slim women in any way but only expresses facts as indicated by the respondents in the research. But while that's true, all of the fat women in my life have at least one story of men explaining to them that they could never date because of her fatness.In our culture, people are taught, unfortunately, that being fat is bad. A fat person is just as worthy of love, respect, and kindness as any other person.I've always wanted to know what goes on inside the heads of men who refuse to date a woman just because she is fat.

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