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It’s like she’s profiling you and computing in her head how much you make in a year.

Bart’s, but a genuine gold-digger wouldn’t be interested in protection.Whether all of these are true or not, think of it as setting you up to the idea that she is used to a certain lifestyle and she expects this to continue while she’s dating you.[Read: 15 signs you’re dating a really high maintenance woman] #4 Ogling you. Or, more specifically, all over your watch, your suit, your wallet, your shoes, and your car.While she does not appreciate you giving her your whole month’s salary worth of jewelry, she will be disappointed or angry if you give her anything less, or—heaven forbid—show up with no gift at all.A gold-digger expects to be treated like royalty while never returning the favor and even drive you to become a pauper.

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