Is taryll jackson dating kourtney twin dating problems

Taj Jackson the eldest of the Jackson sons is the only one who did not date one of The Kardashians though sometimes people make the mistake of linking him with Kourtney.

Taryll was a great catch for Kourtney but both of them are with other people and even have kids.

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Bendjima and Ozuna claim they are friends, but Kim and Khloe have called him out in defense of Khloe.

Things were going well until the cracks began to show.

There were rumors of trouble in paradise for a while.

But i think when Kim was dating TJ, Kourtney and Taryll must have known each other at some level though the spark between them had not been ignited lol. It would say alot if people knew why these two ended their relationship.

Kourtney and Taryll are buddies which may also rule out a messy breakup.

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