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Once the film was released he said, and those people who had lived through the same experience saw it, they would talk about it and create a ‘buzz’.He said he had killed Altinger in self-defence when they began fighting after Altinger ‘did not react the way he expected’ when he was told Twitchell was a filmmaker and wanted Altinger to write about his experience on the web.

The name on the rental agreement for that garage was Mark Twitchell.He went on to tell the court that his actions came after filming his movie with two friends in the same garage weeks earlier.The movie featured a cheating husband lured to a garage location by thinking he was meeting a woman from a dating website.Aside from the blood evidence inside the garage, the most damning evidence against Mark Twitchell was the extensive and detailed ‘kill diary’ forensic experts found deleted on his laptop.In over 40 pages of descriptive text he had entitled ‘SKConfessions’, he began with the line: CBC Canada reported the document read like a diary and the events it so graphically described mirrored the actions police believe were taken by Mark Twitchell in the planning and execution of John Altinger’s murder.

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