Developing a healthy dating relationship

Our slogan is: Run your relationships; don't let them run you.

We believe that you are in charge of each of your relationships.

You may have just found your calling to be a marriage mentor to younger couples. We need to help couples grow great marriages from the start.

Mentoring is a fun way to share what is ahead in marriage.

Our dynamic and diverse team believes that all young people deserve to live in a world where they can thrive.

In his book “Wired for Dating: How Understanding Neurobiology and Attachment Style Can Help You Find Your Ideal Mate,” couples therapist Stan Tatkin defines a long-term relationship as a pact between two people “not just in terms of what you want to get from your partner, but also in terms of what you have to offer.” Focusing on your end of the deal prompts you to present your highest self to your partner, and invite them to do the same.Cultivating activities together that can facilitate the first type of communication, “turning toward” each other, can help decrease dysfunctional attachment habits in your relationship.Taking long bike rides, trying new workouts, hiking atop a nearby canyon, and discovering new neighborhoods are all activities that can be done with your partner, though keep in mind that just as important as doing things together is cultivating activities on your own so you can gather your thoughts and reconnect with yourself. Suddenly the golden couple that was thought to last a lifetime breaks up, and we are forced to choose an allegiance between one or the other.Come learn more about this user-friendly model of building strong marriages.fosters the growth of couples, not the “repair or counseling” of couples.

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