Dating sindy dolls

She also came as a free gift in the Tressy hair dressing salon set and came dressed in her hairdressing uniform of trousers, top and white slip on shoes with a bow on the front..Stock number # 32452 Stock number in the salon set # 32463 with a sticker marked # L295 The fourth version of Tressy was in 1979 and she has soft vinyl arms that bend and pose, hands that hold that are jointed at the wrist, a twist waist, soft bending posing legs and a permanent key on her back.The box is all intact, and charmingly still has its Sindy hearts, but has faded almost completely on one side.Vintage toys may not comply with modern toy safety standards so this item is being sold as a vintage collectable.Stock number # 32901 Mary Make-up was produced in 1967 and does not have the grow hair but has a special finish to her face to allow the application of make-up and it's removal, you can also colour her hair with hair colour pens.She has the same body as the Tressy dolls with the hole for the mechanism omitted.She was also available in a red dress in the same design both came with a little matching hair and make up band to keep the hair off her face whilst applying the hair and beauty products, white panties and shoes.

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In 1994 in Denmark, 7% of women and 8% of men were classed as obese. This is according to a study carried out by the National Institute for Public Health.

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She also came dressed in a red version of this outfit.

She came in a blue and white box with a cellophane front.

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