Dating omega watches by serial number

But any serial number can be looked up to see what model number the completed watch left the factory as.

Once you have the serial number, go to the official OMEGA website at select their CUSTOMER SERVICE section.

Prices go higher for watches on an original OMEGA bracelet.

Most models from the 1980's on will likely sell for a minimum of US 0--up to about 50% of their original retail price.

But unfortunately, the most common answer to these question is that the description is so vague or ambigious that it is useless in identifying the watch enough to tell them any more than they already know.

While we understand that people are trying their best, realize that virtually all watches have nearly the same external features.

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While the initial release of the database is still being filled in with details, the listings are not totally comprehensive.

Such markings on the bracelet only identify the bracelet.

Watch serial numbers must be on more permanent parts of the watch--such as the case, the case back. OMEGA does not stamp model numbers on their watches.

So much of the information here may apply to your watch equally, despite your exact version not being explicity mentioned or shown.

For details of models not covered here, try the Vintage Information section of the official OMEGA website.

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