Dating crush advice

The questionnaire is based on psychology profiling methods, and the site’s algorithm can spot when the respondent has filled in answers at random.

Then Wyatt personally checks each new profile before it becomes visible on the site.

Over the past few years, Christian Crush has hosted several successful marriage retreats in Colorado, and Wyatt said he plans to expand the program beyond his hometown in the coming months.

“My goal was to create a Christian-owned website and put in resources to help couples with their relationships,” he said.

From marital conflict to porn addiction, Christian Crush provides psychological counseling on many topics in an effort to champion the sanctity of marriage.

Wyatt has earned his doctorate in clinical psychology, so he can draw from years of research to give useful advice about conflict resolution, healthy communication, and other strong relationship-building practices.

Christian Crush also promotes helpful resources, including seminars, therapy videos, and retreats, for couples experiencing relationship difficulties.

Whether you need assistance searching for a romantic partner or making your relationship last, Christian Crush empowers people to keep the faith and find happiness.

Wyatt’s parents got divorced when he was young, so he knows how important a stable relationship is to the health and happiness of a family.

“A majority of people on my site are middle-aged,” Wyatt told us.

“They’re working adults who are tired of the bar scene and want to find someone who has the same values system.” Wyatt characterized Christian Crush as a three-pronged attempt to curb the divorce rate among Christians. The second prong is the Porn Battle seminar, which provides information on how to recover from porn addiction.

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