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Her book La prostitution africaine en Occident sounds an alarm on this phenomenon.has also decided to follow her example by bringing this trend to light.Amely-James Bela, a business school graduate, has a long history of humanitarian and community work.She has been fighting to stop the traffic of women and children for prostitution.“If only I knew what was in store for me here, in this crazy place, this place that so many people admire, this place they all want to come to (…) a place where we, Africans, are considered as good for nothing, slaves who are made to eat human excrement and drink their urine.Some find it normal that sick people, perverts, rich people…He also said that because he is a very nice man, he would find good business and film contracts and split the money between the two of us.He gave me a little something to give me courage, but not to worry because there was a lot of money to be made. That little something to give me courage was, in fact, drugs.

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We left after spending three days in a shantytown in Accra where we were hidden to “avoid being spotted by jealous people who were not as lucky as us! His only refuge were my arms and the only moment he left my arms was to allow me to go to the bathroom...

I need someone to help me end it all, I have no energy in me to even try it. Recruited via the Internet My troubles began in Lagos.

I came across an internet announcement, which said that a businessman was looking for women who wanted to get married for his dating agency.

Prostitution has reduced her to a drug addict and an alcoholic with aids pulling her into the doomed path of the grim reaper.

Prostitution among African women is snowballing in Europe.

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