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As she caresses her naked casted toes she starts sucking on her big toe to soothe it.

She takes a drink and curls her toes with a pained expression thinking about dealing with the rest of the day. Some nice closeup toe and tit shots as Beatrice shows off her cute body. Her BFF arrives and wonders how she can help soothe her friend's pain.

Unfortunately, the news isn't good for Kiara but it is for her foot fetish boss! Her boss delivers the bad news that she hasn't while she nonchalantly moves her hand to Kiara's cast and then to her exposed casted toes and starts rubbing them playfully while complimenting her cast.

It's tough for Kiara to get around in her arm and leg cast, and she is relieved to be invited to to put her aching cast foot up on the bosses desk while she reviews her evaluation.

She keeps bending down to clean it out or propping up her foot to get to it. Lots of nice closeups of Benetta's long toes in this one.

============================================================ Last updates: Christina with SLWC in the Forrest Samantha in Bern Old Town Caren Blue Story 7-9 Christina with SLWC Sue with SLC at the Port Check out our social media channels: Swiss 10/26/18 - Angel is stuck at home, in bed with a DLLC with pointed feet turned inward and a spreader bar.

Kiara SLWC & SAC Injured Workers Performance Appraisal, Foot Worshiping & Toe Suck (English) When Kiara's boss spots her gimping in the hallway on her one good heel after returning from her accident she calls her in for her long delayed employee evaluation.

Stuff keeps getting caught in her cast in the foot opening of her cast and she keeps having to clean it out.Casted Yvette changes from jeans to sweats so she can lounge at home in her leg cast she keeps her good foot bare so she can wiggle the one set of toes she can outside her plaster prison.She gimps around the house in a single clog and then calls her friend who tries to convince her to come out even if she can only wear one shoe and her toes are exposed.Its an astonishing amount of footage that would take years to release otherwise, so we decided to create a single theater just for these girls term casting experiences.It's summer and if she is going to be in a cast for most of it Zuzu wants to ventilate her toes so she asks for a cast to expose them a bit more.

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