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More importantly though—at least in terms of the Twinolux’s overall versatility—there’s a 3-position attenuation switch that not only cuts the power down to apartment-friendly levels, but will cut a speaker out of the mix too, for more controlled output. The finger-jointed pine and lacquered-tweed cabinet is the embodiment of Fender minimalist elegance.And it makes the ugliest guitar look about 50 times cooler when parked against the Twinolux.What you lose in high-end definition, you can add with a nudge of the Presence control, which can also lend a little more body and color to the amp’s essentially compressed voice.The hotter output and rounder, almost P-90-like qualities of the Jaguar’s pickups were a better fit.And with an overdrive pedal in between the Jag and Twinolux, I got a clearer picture of how accommodating this amp really is—the Twinolux does a remarkable job of communicating the personality of guitar and effects, and it really seemed to love the kick in the pants it received from my battered Tube Screamer without sacrificing an ounce of its own flavor.The most natural sounding pairing for the Twinolux was the humbucker-equipped Telecaster, which seems to tame the amp’s treblier tendencies and works well with its natural compression.

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But Clapton’s collaboration with the Fender design team, which resulted in features like tremolo and power attenuation, makes each of them a unique amplifier.A peek into the open-backed cabinet reveals two 40-watt Weber-designed alnico speakers (built by Eminence), and transformers built by Mercury Magnetics.The control set is straightforward, if a little less than totally logical.But exploring higher volumes with a wide-open humbucker seems to enliven every last shade in the Twinolux’s tone palette.The amp will stay sparklingly clean (and plenty loud for a rockin’ drums/bass/keyboard combo) up to about 30 to 40 percent of full volume.

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